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All about the Pagan Garden ….

I’m working on my yard.  Simple, like a million other people, right?

The difference is that I live in Phoenix, Arizona – located in a very unique desert climate, the Sonoran desert, to be exact.  The other diff is that I refuse to have one of those yards smothered in high water use, monoculturistic, high maintenance lawns.

Really?  In the desert?  Yeah, there’s tons of them here, although a lot less than there used to be. People are finally starting to invest in the future by lowering their water consumption.

And my thought – there’s very few places in the world that you can enjoy some of these incredible plants in your own yard, so why not?

Anyway, I research everything before it goes on the ground.  As long as I’m putting the footwork in, I might as well share it and perhaps help someone else along.

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